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Jinbo Plasic Mould Co.,Ltd is a private enterprise located in Yuyao Light lndustry Mould Zone.It covers an area of 4000 square meters,has staff of more than one hundred ,more than 20 sets of plastic injection machine of below 3000 gram,two assembly lines,tooling process machine like traveling crane,process center,milling machine,electric impulse,linear cutting machine etc.

It is specialized in manufacturing vacuum cleaner fittings,accessories,suction parts,and other home applinance,traffic equipments.It is also the supplier of the local famous enterprise like Ningbo Fuda,Ningo Wo¡¯er,Ningbo Best,Zhengjiang Zhuoli.The mould product are now exported to country and regions like Europe,USA,Australia,Middle East via Import & Export Company in Yuyao and Cixi.The product are also being sold to domestic area of Beijing,Shenzhen ,Shanghai and Wuhan etc.
The company is under the lead ship if General Manager Dijiang Ni,adopting advanced Mould Design & Manufac-turing Process,modern customer management,attach importance to the product quality and work efficiency.The custome has already won the reputation of customer with its reliable credit,strict quality level.It has already be the member of Mould Committee,and is assessed as ¡°Two Star of Yuyao Mould Enterprise¡±,¡±Enterprise Mernber of Chember of Commerce¡±,¡±Fugle Enterprise of China Credit Enterprise Authentication System¡±,¡±A Grade of Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise of Zhejiang Commerce Enterprise Credit¡±,¡±Zhejiang Quality Eligible Enterprise¡±,¡±Yuyao Five Virtues Operator¡±.
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